Monday, July 30, 2012

Attack of the Wisdom Teeth...

I do apologize for being absent for like...four days?!?!? There is a reasonable excuse and tiny though they may be they've caused quite a bit of headache--literally and figuratively. You see I still have all my wisdom teeth. I guess that makes me...wise? Not quite sure about that but what I am sure of is that these partially boney, impacted little villains have caused nothing but extreme pain these last few weeks. And just to see if I was paying any attention to them they decided to really put the pressure on this last week. I've been alternating between migraines and just being melted to my bed because the pain medicine makes me...loopy. But hopefully they will be gone, last week gone. Even if that means getting my own pliers out. So I may be out for a while, but don't worry. I will be back...minus the teeth!


  1. Sorry about your painful teeth. I know the pain is almost unbearable......and nobody can see it, YOU can only feel it.

  2. What terrible pain it has been, too! At my evaluation by the oral surgeon the other day I was able to get an antibiotic and a switch to 800 mg of Ibeubrofen. I'm scheduled to have all four of them removed Thursday morning. I'm a little nervous... :)