Sunday, August 5, 2012

School Supply Shopping Week 8/5...

Slowly I'm getting back into things after having all four wisdom teeth removed last week. Two of them were partially boney impacted which meant extraction by drilling, breaking, and digging them out. Needless to say I can only open my mouth so wide and have no feeling in my lower lip and chin. Definitely not what I expected and I am progressing rather slowly.

So while my Mom and I have been piled up on my bed I had a chance to peruse through this week's ads for any Back to School deals. Here's what I've found so far:
  • Office Depot:
    • Scholastic School Glue (4 oz.)--$.01 (Limit 3 per household)
    • Office Depot Brand Notebook Filler Paper--$.25 (Limit 3 per household)
    • Office Depot Brand Beveled Erasers (3-pck)--$.25 (Limit 3 per household)
    • tug 2-Hole Manual Pencil Sharpener--$.25 (Limit 3 per household)
  • Walgreens:
    • Wexford or Penway Filler Paper (130 sheets)--$.69
    • Paper Mate Write Bros. Pens (10 pack)--$.39
    • Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils (10 pack)--$.39
    • Wexford Color Binder (1-inch)--$.99
  • Target:
    • RoseArt Crayons (24 ct.)--$.49
    • RoseArt Markers (10 ct.)--$.49
    • RoseArt Colored Pencils (12 ct.)--$.49
      • Coupon:  $1/3 from 7/29/12 RP (exp. 10/7/12)
NOTE:  The RoseArt Crayons are $.25 at Walmart and do not need to be ad-matched. I ended up using my coupon, picking up one more box to account for the overage, and "bought" four boxes of crayons for FREE!!

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