Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fila Skele-Toes on Sale...

I have a new pair of shoes that I absolutely LOVE...
I know, I know. I can hear you now: Those have got to be the ugliest shoes I have ever seen!

Well, I didn't say they were pretty. I simply said I LOVE them!

There are two things that you may not know about this Southern born and bred girl: Barefoot is essential to surviving the heat of summer and I'm getting old. They sound completely unrelated but they're not...really.

My house is completely tile. Combine that with the fact that I would rather be barefoot than wearing shoes along with joints that tend to ache when I've been on concrete all day long then you'd be wearing ugly shoes too. Now I can feel like I'm barefoot but with the comfort of cushioned support in all the right arches, heels, and balls of my feet.

AND I can do EVERYTHING in these shoes. I wear them to exercise by walking or running, depending what mood I'm in and how hot it is; clean my house, run my errands, etc. I just don't have to worry about feeling like I've been on my feet all day.

Now you can own a pair of these Skele-Toes too!!  According to Coupon Cravings Fila has offered up a 20% off code on non-sale items. But this code is working on the Skele-Toes 2.0 which are marked down to just under $30 (normally $70)! After using code 29AFFILIATEJULY at checkout, pay just $8 flat-rate for shipping (or FREE with orders of $100 or more) and you will have an awesome pair of shoes like me for around $32!! Check out for this fantastic sale!!

I've really thought about getting rid of my tennis shoes and buying a second pair of these. I think now would be the best time to do that, don't you?

(Thanks, Coupon Cravings!)

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