Monday, July 23, 2012

Office Depot Shopping Trip 7/23...

Made a stop at Office Depot today to pick up the few items that are for a GREAT price this week. I was super excited to see that the Wilson Jones 3-ring poly binders were only $.50!!  We are greatly in need of binders. Notebook paper is the second item on the "Must Need" list too. But for now binders will do just fine!  Here's the break down of my trip:
  • 3 3-ring poly Wilson Jones poly binders (these were located up front by the cash registers away from the other school supplies)--$.50 each, limit 3
  • 3 Scholastic Glue stick 4-pack--$.50 each, limit 3
  • 3 Office Depot Brand Protractor--$.10 each, limit 3
  • 3 Office Depot Brand Rulers--$.10 each, limit 3
I spent a total of $3.60 and saved a whopping $13.68!!  Be sure to check out the other school supply deals HERE...and as always, Happy School Shopping!!

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