Wednesday, December 12, 2012

FREE Kindle eBook...

Head on over to Striving Together Publications for a 3 day special (December 12th through 14th). They are offering Dr. Paul Chappell's book Understanding the Times: Living Courageously in Prophetic Days in Kindle format for FREE! That's a savings of $9.95! Here is an expert from the back of the book:

"Nations are at the brink of bankruptcy, Israel is being attacked, and the Mayan calendar is running out. Are these prophetic concerns? How can we cut through the hype and find the hope of peace and salvation?

Understanding the Times is a guidebook to Bible prophecy that gives courage in uncertain times! With captivating examples of current events and thorough Biblical insight, Dr. Paul Chappell will give you a heavenly perspective on present day events. Through this study, you will discover how to live with hope, anticipation, and expectation as God's plan for future history unfold before your eyes!"

Striving Together is offering the hardcover copy for $22.95.

(Thanks, Katherine, for the heads up!)

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