Friday, December 14, 2012

Sweater Pillows...

Just me again, strolling through pins over at Pinterest. I actually sat down yesterday, pulled out my sewing machine, and did some crafting! I can't even remember the last time I did that. But I saw this great idea for sweater pillows and immediately envisioned my couch which was in need of a "pop" of color.

So the kids and I headed to Goodwill. Thanks to St. John's Bay and Worthington, as well as two pillow forms, I now have two fabulous throw pillows...
I've never sewn with sweater material and I found it a bit...stretchy. It's a "fun" material to work with and I had to take the cases off numerous times to take up the sides a bit.

Thanks to the Brassy Apple for her step by step instructions. If you're interested in the directions  you can check out her blog HERE. Thankfully she had picture instructions as well as other pillows she had made with several different styles of sweaters. They were super cute.

My favorite part of the project? The rosettes.
I had never made one before but for this particular project I ended up making three and then used one of her "smooshed" flowers for the other accessory. The Brassy Apple actually links to a Rosette making tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous. You can click HERE for a direct link to that tutorial.

Fun project although I can see areas that are needing improvement. It is fun, though, to see them on the couch. They certainly add that "pop" I was looking for and all for around $20 for both! Not bad.

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  1. I've done some old sweater crafts....and noticed that the fabric will strrrrrrrrrrrrrretch way more than you think it will. I had a sweater I loved and made a pillow out of it and it looks wonky. I still love it though. Love your little flowers.