Sunday, January 6, 2013

Easiest Dinner EVER...

You'll never guess where I found this comic...
Yup...Pinterest. My husband and I just laughed and laughed. It's like a whole new world has opened up! L-O-V-E IT!!

So I said that to say that I am adding a new recipe I pinned and tried today for dinner. I really am turning into a regular chef. My family thanks me. 

We're going to call this recipe...
The Easiest Dinner EVER
What You Need:
Bag of frozen chicken (I used a Kroger Value pack of boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into strips)
Cream Cheese
Can of Corn (drained)
Can of Black Beans (drained)
Can of Rotel (can use Mild, Medium, or Hot if you want a kick)

What You Do:
This is how easy this recipe is. Combine it all in the crock pot, set it on low, and cook for 6-8 hours. Serve with chips or as tacos.

I stirred and started shredding the chicken after about 5 hours because even on low my crock pot is super hot.  After a few hours be aware that it will be a little watery due to the broth from the chicken and the juice from the Rotel. But after shredding the chicken and allowing it to cook two hours longer the sauce had thickened up.

Side Note: When my hubbie and I first tried this it was really bland. So he brilliantly added TexJoy (Tony Catcheries in areas that don't carry TexJoy) and McCormick's California Style Garlic Pepper with Red Bell & Black Pepper (or any Garlic Pepper seasoning). Combine that with fresh tortilla chips from our local Mexican restaurant and you have the makings of a FABULOUS, easy meal.


(Picture courtesy of Healthy Meal Pins)

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