Saturday, January 5, 2013

Get $5 in Domino's Dollars...

Back when My Coke Rewards was offering 12 days of holiday deals I turned in 180 points to get a $10 Domino's Pizza gift card. I knew it would come in handy...especially when the Texans were playing their first "Wild Card" game in the road to the Super Bowl.

But when I went online to place my order I learned that from January 2nd through January 13th you can earn $5 in Domino's Dollars when you order two or more medium, 2-topping pizzas online for $5.99 each!! Within 24 to 48 hours of ordering online you should receive an e-mail with your dollars. Now these Domino Dollars need to be used towards an online order within 10 days of receiving them. To begin your order simply click HERE to get all the details and start your order. I paid $2.97 after the $10 gift card and earned $5 toward my next order. Ha! I'd say that's a pretty cheap dinner!!

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