Friday, February 22, 2013

While I've Been Away...

As I hinted yesterday my life has been anything but peaceful and serene. In fact I can think of a few adjectives that will aptly describe exactly what our new life is like: hectic, crazy, chaotic, frenzied, out-of-control...there. Do you get the picture?

So going back to January, the day after we arrived here in Alabama we headed over to the storage unit to unload the moving truck. Thanks to some much needed help it took exactly 50 minutes to unload what took us two days to load...
We are so thankful for all the men that came to help! Everything was out and neatly stored in the storage unit in no time and they even left a walk area. Awesome!

The next day we joined our new church and dove right into various ministries. Everything seemed to be going fine until I noticed some red blotches and bumps that became extremely prominent on my left and right cheek. The skin was so dry that I accounted this unusual malady to the cold weather. But after using day and night cream manufactured by Mary Kay there was absolutely NO change. It wasn't until I saw a commercial for a product called "Prosacea" that I realized I had developed Rosacea. Awesome!

Everything's gone downhill from there.

Next came a very painful kidney infection and two prescriptions to get that cleared up. I'm sure the insurance company was thrilled to find that after only being on their new plan for one week I've already had to make a visit to the doctor AND pharmacy.

Then came the itchy skin. Now in the past I've found myself becoming allergic to the strips that are on some of the women's razors. I don't know how many new razors I've used looking for some relief. But this itching wasn't just specified to my legs but my arms, shoulders, neck, face, and scalp. The scalp itching really threw me. My Mom suggested I take a Benadryl to see if I was having an allergic reaction to something.

Yeah...I call Benadryl my "Happy Medicine" because I feel so wonderfully sleepy once I take it. It's great really, and it worked! No more itchy...just sleepy.

So beside the Benadryl I'm now using Prosacea for the Rosacea and Gold Bond to keep the skin moisturized and calm any other itching...
 And in the midst of all of this I realized I had not even started on our 2012 taxes yet. To be honest I thought for sure we'd be getting very little back. I'm so glad I was wrong!
There you have the run-down on our new life. I'm sure you feel itchy now too, right? Gold Bond and Benadryl--that's all you need!

Just goes to prove that life can still be unpredictable and crazy as ever no matter where you live!

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  1. I use Prosacea and it really does help a lot!