Friday, February 22, 2013

Family Picture Craft...

While looking for pictures to put in my husband's brand new office I actually came across this super cute craft that I thought would be ideal to put in our next house. But I couldn't wait until then to try it out. Besides, it would look perfect in his office too!

This idea comes from Deal Wise and looked something like this...
(picture courtesy of Deal Wise

At first I did this craft for Valentine's Day but just finished using my Mom's Cricut to finish our name and date.  Here's how it turned out...
Simply use different colors scrapbook paper (I choose some with patterns just because. Silly, no?) and trace the same hand from everyone in the family on each of the colors. I couldn't get Melody to keep her hand closed. She kept spreading her fingers. Oh well....adds variety!

The frame I bought from Dollar General for $4 but it actually looks quite nice with the papers. Or should I say I matched the paper to the frame.

Anyways, I added one more touch...
Since the kiddies are little I added their name and age to their hands as a reminder just how old they were in 2013. Saves from having to do the math and anyone looking at this work of art won't have to ask how old the kids are. Smart, I know.

I'm still planning on doing one for our house but at least I was able to practice. I would rate this project as "super-duper" easy.

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  1. So cool, but at this point all the boys' hands are bigger than mine. Plus, I'm not sure all those hands together would fit inside a frame. : )