Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Cake Plates...

It's spring break this week which means my Mom is off work and at home. That also means we are trying out all kinds of different recipes and crafts we've had on our Pin Boards. Today we made three recipes, one which we will NEVER do again. Yeah...not so good! The other two were out of this world. I'll be sharing those in later posts.

The craft we tried today was super cool. My Mom actually bought the pieces Saturday on our thrift store run. Every third Saturday the Downtown Rescue Missions in Athens and Madison run everything half off! I could write about all the clothes, shoes, and jewelry I found but for sake of sticking with my topic, I will refrain.

Here's what my Mom found for her project for around $2.00...
The clear epoxy she already had on hand.

The next step is to put the epoxy on the bottom of the glass like this....
 ...and like this for the glass light globe...
 Turn the glass over and attach to the underside of each platter.
The final results? I think they're super awesome for just $1.00 each!
I'm actually going to post the recipe for the cupcakes, too! That was one of the recipes we tried for dessert tonight and they were super good and oh, so lite! Weight Watchers to be exact.

And in case you were wondering, here's the second cake plate...
Just as cute! Happy crafting!

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  1. Oh! The cake plates turned out beautifully! What a great economical idea to add variety and individuality to cake displays.


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