Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY Recipe Book...

Have you tried any of those fabulous recipes I've been posting about? They're so delicious and super easy. In fact I've come to the realization that I have two requirements for recipes that I try: they can't be complicated and they must use less than 10 ingredients. I'm all about being simple; hence the title, Simply Being Kari.

Since my Mom and I have made sooooo many recipes that we've found on Pinterest, I wanted to do something to organize everything into one neat place.

Let me introduce you to our DIY recipe book...
You're never going to believe this but this idea AND the format all came from the Kim McCary Blog. If you click HERE to go over to her blog and the recipe book she made, you will find a supply list along with FREE downloadable templates for the recipe page: one with photos and one without photos.

All you do is click on the style you want, download, and then type in your recipe. The format for one with photos really is just a space on the side to add a strip of scrapbook paper like this...
Simply download her Title page and Table of Contents Template, personalize it the way you want to, print, and then add your scrapbook paper circle to the title of the section you've made. It would look something like this...
There you have it. No sitting down trying to move all your margins around and put in text boxes. The set-up is all done for you. You simply download, personalize, and add your own recipe. How easy is that.

And now my Mom and I each have a recipe book of the Pinterest recipes we've tried, liked, and will make again. Hope you're able to do your own!

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  1. Thank you for posting the link to the templates. Looking forward to creating my own Pinterest Recipes book soon!


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