Thursday, March 14, 2013

Diaper Bouquet...

As I posted yesterday we have had several baby showers these last few weekends for expectant ladies in our church. Since I am now working on my crafting skills before we move into our own house, I have been scouring Pinterest for some great baby gifting ideas.

Yesterday it was Washcloth Pea Pods...
Today it's a Diaper Bouquet from a picture taken and posted at Pearls of Wit...
This gift was so much fun to make...and it was not difficult at all. The only time needed was for rolling the diapers for the bouquet on top.
To create this I used green tissue paper cut into rectangles, skewers, clear rubber bands (I used clear hair bands), and of course, diapers. Each of the skewers were then put into a circular green foam shape that I bought at Walmart. Thankfully the foam was the same size as the opening of the jar, which my sister had found at a garage sale for like $.10? It was beautiful and perfect!!
Since this was a "Together Gift", from my sister and me, my sister provided the baby wash/shampoo and lotion and then I added the small package of wipes to fill the little extra space in the jar. Then to hide the skewers sticking out of the foam I placed green Easter basket grass in the top.

To complete the look I found a clear wrapping bow in a box of ribbons and bows my Mom had and there you have it.

This was definitely my favorite to make for about $20. Of course I used coupons for the items which made it cheaper and the jar we already had. It's just one of those gifts I would love to receive when I have another baby. Awesome!

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