Thursday, March 14, 2013

Newest Feature...

You can now pin photos from my blog onto your Pinterest boards! That way any recipe, quote, pattern, or whatever you see and want to try on your own can easily be saved without having to click through my blog posts.

Simply place your mouse on any picture and a "P" button will pop up...
Click on that and you will be directed to choose which board you want to pin it to. Easy peasy.

Just and FYI: this will not work on a tablet since there is not mouse. I guess tablets (iPads, Kindles, Android, etc.) do not recognize your finger as a mouse. Sorry!

And the second feature? You can now follow me on Pinterest. Look for this button...
It's right below the "Search This Blog" and right above "About Me." Didn't know if you picked up on that or not. Just thought I'd help.

I'd love to stay connected! Happy Pinning!

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