Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photo Challenge Day Nineteen...

Welcome to Day Nineteen of the June Photo-A-Day Challenge. If you've missed any of the other photos from June 1st through today, then you'll definitely want to head over HERE first to see all the different photos as well as a list of what picture to take each day.

Now the photo for Day Nineteen: Something Orange...
This morning my Mom, sister, myself, and all the kiddies headed up to Monte Santo Mountain in Hunstville to do some fossil hunting and have a picnic. You can see all the photos that I took HERE at our family website, Just the Three of Us: The Smiths.

These beautiful orange flowers were everywhere...and I needed a photo of something orange.

Stay tuned for tomorrow--Day Twenty: Bokeh.

When my husband first gave me my camera I practiced doing Bokeh shots like this one...
As you can tell, my hole was way too big. Once I made the heart shape smaller the result was more like this...
Still need some work but I did save my pattern for Christmas so that I can try the photo again with the tree lights in the background.

If your not quite sure what a Bokeh is or how to do one then I would highly recommend reading through the article over at The Spohrs Are Multiplying (She gives the camera settings) or check out the photo instructions at The Meta Picture. Just make sure that your shape is the size of a hole punch...and not a dime, like the first blog. You'll get the result of my first photo.

And as always, have fun!!

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