Friday, June 21, 2013

Photo Challenge Day Twenty... Day Twenty: Bokeh photos were TERRIBLE!! I had such a hard time taking these photos that I finally just put the camera away. Then when I took my photos off I was able to crop a couple of them to help them get me through the challenge.

So let me show you what I really wanted my photo to look like...
Let me clarify: THIS IS NOT MY PHOTO. I wish...but sadly no. It actually comes from I Heart Bokeh.

This is about as close as I got...
Sad...that's what it is. You can't even see my Houston Starbucks mug.

Here was my favorite out of all of them, sans the mug...
So there you have it. I really need to do some MORE studying on just how to do this. After all I want to be a pro at it by Christmas.


  1. Kari, you can add Bokeh to your pictures during the editing process. I believe the first picture in this post was edited to add the bokeh for effect. :) In other words, not every picture is what it seems. Hope that helps to encourage you a bit!

  2. I have trouble with this one too - may have to come back to it!!