Friday, August 15, 2014

One-Armed Photos...

I don't do selfies.

Since a photo is worth a thousand words, let me just show you why I don't do them...
It never fails. My chin grows to twice it's size, my eyes look like they're ready to bulge out of my head, and my smile is downright creepy.

Now every once in a GREAT while I will attempt one just to see if my ability to take one has changed. One of these rare opportunities came just this last week while I was out to lunch with a dear friend of mine. She's home after being on the road these last few months raising support before her and her family head off to the mission field. She's also just three weeks shy of delivering her third child.

I graciously divulged her craving for cheese dip at our local Mexican restaurant. It was such a sacrifice, let me tell you. The sad thing is I think I ate more than she did...and I'm not even pregnant!!

We finished off our lunch with coffee at Starbucks, another GREAT sacrifice on my part. She wanted a photo of the two of us just to remember our time together.

She tried taking the selfie of us first. It was good but she wanted to try again.

Our heads kept getting lower and lower in the photo which caused much laughter on our part.

And then she handed me her phone.

My attempt turned out to be a picture of the ceiling was that bad.

So that's why in this picture I am making sure my head is in the photo...
Should have kept my chin down. At least this pose hides the double chin.

This photo also brought to our attention that after 20 years of friendship, in which she's always been blonde due to her Swedish heritage, my hair is now blonder than hers.

She also snapped a photo of our little tag along...'s now become one of my favorite photos. Those cheeks are just that kissable.

My, he's getting so big!

So here's to all you who are pros at taking selfies. May your photos be just as memorable as mine.

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