Monday, March 5, 2012

Buying in Bulk Math...

Unusual title, I know, but I seriously am trying to buckle down on saving more money with SMART purchases and not just CHEAP purchases. Since starting to read the book Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half I am beginning to realize that coupons are just a part of saving money...buying in bulk can be another part. I say "can" because you have to incorporate a little math to find out if what you want to buy in bulk is actually cheaper than buying a single package.

So Thursday, after being cooped up for three days in the house with sick kids, the three of us loaded up in the van and headed off to Sam's Club. I wanted to do some "Smart Shopping" and I was armed with a list of some items that I buy weekly (and in the case of the ketchup and french fries every other week or every month) for our household.  Here is a list of a few comparisons where buying in bulk actually saves a chunk of change:
  • Jimmy Dean Sausage Patties--
    • Grocery Store--$3.38 for 8 patties (or $.42 a patty)
    • Sam's Club--$5.07 for 24 patties (or $.22 a patty)
    • The difference is a savings of $5.07!!
  • Whole Milk--
    • Grocery Store--$3.48 for one gallon
    • Sam's Club--$2.84 for one gallon
    • The difference is a savings of $.64 a gallon!!
  • Bacon--
    • Grocery Store--$2.54 for 12 oz. (or $.21 an oz.)
    • Sam's Club--$8.98 for 48 oz. (or $.19 an oz.)
    • The difference is a savings of $1.18!!
  • Ketchup--
    • Grocery Store--$1.00 for 20 oz. (or $.05 an oz.)
    • Sam's Club--$3.48 for 114 oz. (or $.03 an oz.)
    • The difference is a savings of $2.22!!
  • 18 ct. Eggs--
    • Grocery Store--$2.28
    • Sam's Club--$1.82
    • The difference is a savings of $.46 per 18 ct. carton!!
  • French Fries--
    • Grocery Store--$1.65 for 1 lb. for Kroger brand
    • Sam's Club--$6.35 for 8 lbs. of Ore Ida brand (or $.79 a lb.)
    • The difference is a savings of $6.85!!
Now we'll have french fries and ketchup for the rest of the year!

There were some items that I couldn't find at Sam's that would go even farther in cutting down my grocery bill: coffee creamer and Folger's Vanilla Coffee. If you have any ideas please let me know!!

My second goal in trying to saving more is to not have to go to the grocery store every weekend...because the less you shop the less you spend.

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