Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Learning a New Craft...

The creativity juices are just flowing around here! Over the last few months I've so enjoyed bringing out my "Inner Chef" with dozens of new recipes that I've found and tried on my family. I've actually discovered I LOVE to cook! Great for my family...not so much for my waistline.

Then this week I've been making new bows for my daughter which I posted HERE along with the link to the step-by-step instructions that I followed. And before that?

My newest creation...
At the Ladies Array that was hosted by our church a few weeks ago I won a door prize. Shocking! This is the first year I've ever won one! 

Out of the hundred or so gift baskets that were donated by the ladies of my church for the door prize giveaway I chose this one...
It's the Thirty-One Keep It Caddy in the retired St. Andrews Hole-N-One pattern that had been filled with six different colors of yarn and a package of crochet needles! 

Then while perusing through Pinterest I found this beautiful baby blanket crocheted by Hopscotch Lane. In the bag I'd won I had three of the four colors needed...
...Blue Jeans (01116), White (00001), and Yellow (00010). 

I really had no idea how to crochet anything but a single chain so YouTube came in super handy. These three videos, How to Crochet a Granny Square-Lesson 1, Lesson 2, and Lesson 3; started me from scratch and helped me on my way. Simply repeat the pattern all the way around until you have the size you want to create your blanket.

Not only did I alter the colors used but also the pattern. The one done on Hopscotch Lane was only 20 rounds of 2-row colors. I ended up doing 26 rounds of 2-row colors to make the blanket larger.

There are still three colors I haven't used: pink, brown, and cream. I'm thinking I might just have to make another blanket!

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