Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day Four Photo Challenge...

When I posted yesterday what the photo challenge would be for day four, Something Green, I started making a mental checklist of all the things around our house that was green. Of course there's plants, Michael's favorite blanket...and then I had a BRILLIANT idea: Michael's eyes. His eyes, which were a beautiful shade of blue until he was 2 1/2 have now settled into a soft shade of green with small brown flecks near each iris.

Now most people would say this is actually a hazel color but because there is WAY more green than brown, I'm going to say they're legitimately green.

So here is Day Four Photo Challenge: Something Green...
Awww....such a sweet face.

Won't you join me in taking a photo a day? You don't have to do every day...in fact, I'll be out of town starting Saturday and may not get each picture taken each day. But it's not a big deal. Do what you can.

I'd suggest reading HERE first to let you know the category of picture for each day, where to e-mail it, and any other information you want to know. All pictures will be posted in a group called "June Photo A Day" on Flickr. Hope you can participate!

Tomorrow--Day Five Photo Challenge: From a High Angle.


  1. Those are definitely green eyes! What a fresh angle for a "something green" picture! : )