Monday, June 3, 2013

Photo Challenge Day Three...

This assignment was so much easier than yesterday. I was a little worried when we first woke up because there was not one cloud in the sky. But as the day has worn on and the temperature has risen, so have the clouds.

I also did something a little different today. I took my photo and played with it on a new FREE photoshop program that I downloaded to my computer. You can actually apply different techniques to the photos. Some of them made me laugh! In the end I went with an oil painting finish.

So here's the result of today's challenge:

Day 3 Photo Challenge: Clouds...
Again I send out an invitation for you to join me this month for the Photo-A-Day challenge. Go back HERE to read all about the challenge, a list of what you can expect each day, and where you can e-mail the pictures. 

Here's what you can expect tomorrow:

Day 4 Photo Challenge: Something Green

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