Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photo Challenge Day Two...

I had a little trouble with today's Photo-A-Day Challenge during the month of June.  According to my first post HERE today was to be a picture of something you wore. I tried to take several photos from over above to get the dress and sandals that I was wearing for church...let's just say not one of them was any good.

Not. A. One.

After researching other photos of what other people wore I realized it didn't have to be a picture of everything you had on. Maybe just one thing.

So once again I'm taking a photo of myself. Well, my feet really. And I'm not a fan of my feet.

Now, without further ado: Day 2 Photo Challenge--What You Wore Today...
 Up next: Day 3 Photo Challenge--Clouds.

Hopefully that should be a little easier. Won't you join me? Go back HERE to read all about the challenge, a list of what you can expect each day, and where you can e-mail the pictures. Have fun!

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