Saturday, June 22, 2013

FREE Quarter Pounder...

In checking my inbox this morning I found a FABULOUS special offer from My Coke Rewards.  Simply enter any code and you'll receive a coupon for FREE McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese!! You can take your pick of three tasty, brand-new varieties: Bacon Habanero Ranch, Bacon & Cheese and Deluxe. And all you have to do is enter any code HERE, then follow the directions to receive your coupon by mail for your FREE Quarter Pounder from McDonald's! Delivery takes 2-4 weeks.

If you don't have  My Coke Rewards account, simply click HERE to begin registering. It's FREE, super easy, and a great way to earn points from any Coca-Cola products that you buy. Not sure what My Coke Rewards is? Read my post HERE before registering to get the low down. I've used mine for GREAT rewards from Shutterfly, Dominos, and many others. Enjoy!

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