Monday, June 17, 2013

Photo Challenge Day Sixteen...

Day Sixteen's photo challenge was actually pretty easy for me. See, I'm still trying to learn this GREAT camera that my husband bought me for my birthday and I still haven't quite figured out the settings yet. So for this challenge we needed something with long exposure. Well, I had lots of photos to choose from.  After a little editing I have my finished product.

Without much ado I give you Day Sixteen: Long Exposure...
It's hard to believe but we are over halfway done with the month of June! I hope you've enjoyed the June Photo-A-Day Challenge as much as I have. I will probably take July off and be back at it in August. My son starts Kindergarten and we'll have lots to celebrate!

It's still not to late to join me. I'd suggest reading HERE first to let you know the category of picture for each day, where to e-mail it, and any other information you want to know. All pictures will be posted in a group called "June Photo A Day" on Flickr.

You can also check out my fellow blogger over at Becky's Blog as she catalogs her photos for each day. Be sure to check back later for Day Seventeen: Technology. I'm still trying to decide exactly what to picture.

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