Saturday, June 15, 2013

Photo Challenge Days 8-14...

We were out of town this last week. Well, not just out of town. We were completely out of the state and out on the west coast! It was fabulous, as always. Let me just say I LOVE California. I would not want to live there but I can definitely handle the visiting part.

So I tried to keep up with my photo a day challenges and I did miss a couple. My Dear Husband was a HUGE help with this project.

Let me begin with Day 8: A Bad Habit...
This is all my Dear Husband's idea and I have to agree. Pinterest has become a bad habit for me.

Now on to Day 9: Someone You Love...
Have I ever mentioned that he is my answer to prayer? I prayed for a godly husband and almost a year later the Lord sent me him. I am so blessed!

Sorry about Day 10: A Childhood Memory. Being in California there wasn't really anything there that reminded me of my childhood. I had never even been in California until the summer of 2000 while I was traveling with a college singing group.

Moving right along to Day 11: Something Blue...
...hands down it would have to be the beautiful Pacific Ocean from the restaurant window in Malibu. It was here I broke out of my food box and tried fish tacos for the first time. Mmmm....good!

Now for Day 12: Sunset...I did this one backwards. You see each night last week we were in church when the sun set. So I'm going to use the photo I took of the sunrise as we were flying toward our first layover in Houston...
We were on the red-eye, red-eye flight...and no, I wasn't stuttering. Our flight took off at 5:30 am so we took off in the dark only to be treated to a beautiful sunrise 20,000 feet up!

For Day 13: You with 13 Things...I went out of the box with this one...
Hanging at in the Southwest baggage claim at LAX were these flower prints. While we were killing time waiting for our friends to arrive from Houston, Jeff took a picture of me in front of each one. If you notice there are thirteen flowers. It's a stretch but it will work!

Then there's Day 14: Eyes...I kind of already covered this one from my Day 4 Photo Challenge: Something Green, in which I took a picture of my son's green eyes. You can see that photo HERE.

Now that I'm all caught up I'm off to get today's photo--Day 15: Silhouette. This one should be fun.

Even if you're just stopping in for the first time I'd still like to invite you to join me for the rest of the month. Just head on over HERE for instructions on what pictures to take, what to use to take them, and where to e-mail them. You can view all photos at the file I've opened over on Flickr. Happy Photo Taking!

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